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Terms & Conditions

1. Terms & Conditions
1.1. These terms and conditions as well as the Estonian legislation in force regulate the relations between DES Studio OÜ ( 12454214) and the customers making a purchase from Design Studio online store (
2. Prices and transport
2.1. Design Studio e-shop the prices are in euros and are valid at the time of purchase. DES Studio OÜ'l has the right to change prices if necessary.
2.2. There will be courier costs added to the product price. If want to use a different mode of transportation, please send e-mail to:
3. Ordering
3.1. Choose the suitable products, add to cart and go to Your cart to confirm order. You can order with registering as a client as well as without registering. Order can be paid via a bank link. If you wish to pay by any other way, please contact us and we will find a suitable solution.
3.2. Design Studio e-shop sells on demand goods, which means that the goods are ordered according to the customer's wishes and needs. Such orders are considered as special orders. They can not be retreated from the moment when Design Studio has signed irreversible purchase agreement with suppliers. 
3.3. With confirming the order customer confirms that he is aware of Design Studio online store purchase terms & conditions..
3.4. Products belong to DES Studio OÜ until the transfer has been received to DES Studio OÜ bank account.
3.5. Order delivery time depends of the product, for further information please make a query to: Different products delivery time can be 3-4 weeks.
3.6. Copy of order confirmation will be sent to the customer's e-mail registered on purchase.
4. Project and wholesale
4.1. DES Studio OÜ is active in wholesale and project sales. For more information, please send a request for further information to:
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